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Damage Assessment

Before I bought the engine there was some obvious damage to the diffuser:

Damaged Diffuser

You can't see it very well from this picture, but the whole diffuser section (a critical part of the exhaust) has been squashed oval bursting this seem in the process. I can only think that it was loose in the egg at some point and the engine was accidentaly lowered onto it.

The damage is not sensibly repairable so a new one was acquired from the states along with a propelling nozzle to complete the exhaust and allow proper thrust to be generated.


There was also damage to the turbine where somebody had rotated it with the damaged diffuser fitted. Thankfully this is only surface damage, and with carefull blending it won't affect the engine performance at all.


Damaged Turbine


There was also a lack of the ignitors, tachogenerator, and a whole host of other little bits some bugger had removed. Thankfully my contact in the states has everthing I need :)

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