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Electric Starter Design


This was an ill-fated attempt to use an electric motor to start the Williams. Unfortunatly I made an error choosing my motor and although I got a very good motor (Magmotor S28-400) I was operating it so far outside its voltage range it failed after only a dozen starts.

After blowing $500 on the motor and about that on an adaptor I decided not to design another starting system using an electric motor.

The electric starting system used a Magmotor S28-400 motor rated at a whopping 4.5 horsepower in only a 3" diameter (the gearbox accessories mean that anything bigger won't physically fit).


Motor Showing Keyway

S28-400 Magmotor shaft


Next the base portion of the old hydraulic starter was prepared (by sawing off the brass hydraulic pistons). You can see that there is a slot in the center we can use to couple this section to the motor.


Hydraulic Starter Base

Prepared Hydraulic Starter Base


Hydraulic Starter Base Exploded

The hydraulic starter base dissasembled

Next an aluminium spacer tube and mild-steel adaptor were fabricated. The adaptor has a key that fits into the keyway on one end and the other end is milled to fit into the slot presented by the starter base.


Adaptor And Spacer

Adaptor And Spacer Fitted To Motor


Key Detail

Adaptor Detail

Next the spacer was bolted to the hydraulic starter base to complete the assembly.

The inside of the starter was also packed with grease as the bearing will no longer be lubricated by hydraulic oil.

Asembled Starter

Fully assembled starter assembly


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