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Exhaust Collector Repair

When examining the engine it became quickly apparent that the exhaust collectors needed a bit of TLC.

Exhaust Collector Crack

Exhaust Collector Crack


Because the GTD-350 has four equidistant exhaust outlet plates and only two exhausts there is the need to blank two of the exhaust outlets off. I'm guessing that the purpose of the collectors is to 'funnel' the exhaust from the two dead zones to the fitted exhausts to reduce turbulance and hot spots in the exhaust box.

Anyway, after a run through the ever useful bead-blaster and a quick TIG with an Inconel compatible rod they are good as new.

You can't see it in the pic but the crack started above a spot weld holding the deflector onto the suports coming off the cover plate. A guess the material is too thin for the stresses on it.


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