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General Info

This is some general information concerning the GTD-350 that I've found.



The correct oil for a GTD-350 these days would be AeroShell 500 or, less preferably, Mobil Jet Oil 2. If you simply can't get these oils then any 5 centi-stoke oil that meets MIL 23699 STD should do.



The gearbox ratio diagram is extremely helpful, while the cutaways are mearly interesting.



The general engine structure


Full Engine Cutaway

A cutaway engine showing the major parts



The main gearbox and output flywheel



The combustion chamber showing injectors and liner


Main Injector

The primary injector cut-away to show the crack valve


Gearbox Ratios

The engine gearing ratios


Side Cutaway

A side view of the engine showing the shafts and flywheel

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