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General Overview


When running our engines it quickly became clear that human reflexes can be very slow compared to a Gas Turbine accelerating at more than 500 RPM per second!

We realised that in the event of a fuel-controller/acceleration-package failure that an overspeed would be almost inevitable. Likewise if there was a fuel or oil fire we might not even be able to approach the engine.

What we needed was some automation!

On modern commercial engines (as on airliners) a device called the FADEC continually monitors and adjusts engine parameters to ensure safe operation. The acronym stands for Full-Authority Digital Engine Control, and the full-authority bit refers to the fact that the FADEC is the sole device to operate the engine's valves and other vital parts.

This is exactly what we need for our engines, we can run the engine via start/stop commands to the FADEC and be safe in the knowledge that engine parameters are being monitored, and responded on, much faster than any human could.



This project is made up of a number of parts. The FADEC itself, which will be a digital micropressor. The user interface to the FADEC which will be a touch-screen and an emergency-stop button. And various interface modules for allowing the FADEC to interface electronically (for tacho-generators, thermocouples etc...) and mechanically (H.P cocks and other valves etc...) to the engine.

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