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User Interface


For the user interface to the FADEC I decided on a LCD touch screen as I had a souce available at a sensible price.

The actual screen is a HITACHI 320 by 240 pixel screen with a resistive touch sensor. I'm interfacing to it with a Solomon Systek LCD panel driver and some glue logic.

The display is being driven by a 32-bit Microchip PIC32MX360F512 microcontroller clocked at 70MIPS. I'm using a heavily modified version of the Microchip Graphics-Object-Library as a base for the code so the language is universally C thoughout. The optimiser does such a good job that writing directly in MIPS assembler is sometimes worse for performance!

For the look-and-feel I have gone with a similar look to the Garmin G1000 as the guages seem to present the information in a clean and concise manner.


First LCD Graphics Test

First LCD Graphics Test.

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