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Injector Repair

The fuel injector was tested using a car fuel-injection pump, at first we got nothing out of it. But with a little fuel blown through it backwards to dislodge any debris we got a very distorted and incorrect the injector seems to be full of crap!


Worn Ignitor Comparison

Matt holding the malfuctioning injector


The injector then went into an ultrasonic bath full of SafeWash, after half an hour the spray pattern had not improved. I then filled the thing full of oven cleaner with no result.

The next step seems to be to make a dissasembly tool and have a look inside the injector body for the cause of the problem.

I could easily source another injector but they are meant to be installed in matched sets and I really don't want to stuff the fueling up and burn another set of NGVs later on.


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