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New parts

New parts have now arrived from America. Many thanks to Dave Cannavo of Aero Enterprises for stripping the bits and crating them up for me. He even included all the Nozzle Guide Vanes for free, a very nice chap!

Turns out UK Customs ignored the fact that these are non-serviceable parts and charged me full whack for aircraft parts. This despite checking beforehand and having the correct code on the crate...I've told DHL I'm not paying 200 quid because Customs can't read the label correctly. We'll see how that goes.

UPDATE: I won, Customs agreed I didn't have to pay the charges. This is the first time that's ever happened...


The new propelling nozzle, being throughly inspected by Poppy:

Cleaned up propelling nozzle

The nozzle has a few dings, but nothing that half an hour with some wood and a soft hammer won't fix. This nozzle is a critical part of the exhaust, and with the new diffuser will allow the engine to develop thrust.

All the diffusers for these engines were tailored to the engine by varing the final diameter, this diffuser is marked as being 312mm in diameter.